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I have been training with Cherilee for the past seven years or so, and I went from trying to stave off being in my 40's, with my fitness slipping and a decrepid and aching back, to seeking my all time best performance's athletically as I approach 50.  I have grown tremendously due to her mentorship and I have enjoyed the benefits of her continuing evolution toward greater wellness for herself and others. In particular, an aspect that I had previously overlooked, was nutrition.  Her holistic approach to nutrition has improved my energy and vitality athletically and in how I enjoy everyday.
-Rick K. Firefighter
I thank Cherilee for her genuine and gracious leadership, knowledge and commitment to stand along side me as I continue on my happy journey.I have never been one to enjoy working out. I have always found it challenging getting to the gym and sticking with a routine. Cherilee not only gives me the encouragement I need to stay focused each and every session but she has helped me to permanently change my lifestyle. I cannot thank her enough for the guidance, encouragement and support. She makes exercise and a healthy lifestyle fun.
- Krista M. Executive Producer, Steam Films

Cherilee Garofano joined our team as a freelance instructor when we introduced fitness classes to our staff as part of our Wellness program.  From the humble beginnings of having these programs hosted in lecture rooms to now having a permanent Wellness Studio, Cherilee was a wonderful resource to our organization.  She made a real connection with our staff and was always informative, cheerful, positive.  Her professional, knowledgeable manner makes her a real asset in the health promotion field.
- Gregory W. Wellness Specialist, TorontoEastGeneralHospital

Cherilee is passionate about the work she does and as a result inspires you to do your best and be the best.  I do not know if I would have stuck to a self improvement program as much as I have had it not been for her encouragement and perseverance.
- Kathy H. ScotiaBank

Cherilee is an inspiration for health, fitness and good nutrition.  By
developing a vision of fitness and wellbeing together, I've felt more
fit, physically, mentally and in spirit.  Cherilee has been instrumental
in bringing all the benefits of overall wellness to my life.
- Stephen M.Co-owner M.Architecture

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